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#8 - Douglas

Ever tried to interview yourself? Well here goes. As this chapter in the Cabals Community comes to an end we talk to one of the key figures in supporting the Community and running the War of Cabals. What next? We don#t find out here but what we do get to find out is who is the person behind the familiar handle dougsymon...

First, tell us about yourself.

I was born in England and have lived the last 13 years in Finland. Speak both languages, have been a big Crystal Palace F.C. fan forever and, although it sounds soppy, the most important things to me are the people I love.

What is your role or involvement in Cabals?

Up until now I've been mainly working in the Community providing support, posting news on social media and arranging events. One of the most important parts I've been involved in is running the War of Cabals, in recent years, and carrying out the weekly reset, yes, manually! So every time the leaderboard has been reset I've probably been the one doing it.

How long have you been working in this field?

Well I joined Kyy whilst I was still finishing my thesis so that would be the entire time I have been at the company. So well over 4 years.

What made you choose this profession?

Something I've always enjoyed is communicating digitally online. To me it somehow feels like telepathy and as somebody who isn't so social in person I really enjoy talking to people online. For me it somehow breaks down a barrier that can be there offline. That meant I certainly had the idea of working in social media whilst I was studying Interactive Media. However part of the studies included a 3 month period of work experience and I happened to be pointed in the direction of Kyy Games, who suggested I could work in the Cabals and Kyy Communities. Then it just continued from there. So there was quite a bit of fate involved too and in this way it chose me.

What are the key skills you need to succeed in this area?

Patience is certainly one of them. Also being able to adapt to the new methods of communicating that arise. This is an example of something I could improve as embracing videos and live broadcasting hasn't been a strong point for me and could have helped my work. Other new aspects I have embraced better (Cabals has been present on a large number of social networks and apps) and I would say being creative, not giving up and good language skills will all be of benefit.

What would be your number one tip for people who aspire to work in your field?

Be yourself. Social Media and communication is about people. So be true to yourself and then you can be the same to others.

How do you cope with the negative or not so nice feedback that may be received?

Remember that the people I'm communicating with are people. It sounds obvious but they have lives, interests and things that impact how they behave as well and it's worth always being respectful to others. One way to do this is try to avoid using the words "you", "I" or other people's names when communicating with others. That means you don't talk personally to anyone or about yourself and so communication is more neutral. Try it next time you message someone, it's not always so easy!

What is the most challenging aspect of working on Cabals?

How smart the Cabals Community is. It always feels a bit embarrassing to be providing support and discussing the game when there are so many players much better than I am. It also means there's no room for mistakes as, of course, they will be spotted!

What's your favourite aspect of Cabals?

That's a hard one. Not sure if it's the combination of chess and collectibility or the chilling beautiful characters of the game. It's certainly something that turns me off a lot of other (card) games, that I don't feel anything towards the artwork. Cabals on the other hand has an unmatched depth when it comes to art. Hmm, I guess as I have been working with the Community I should be saying the players. Blimey this is difficult. Not to forget the amazing depth of the game and how there are many ways to approach the game. Though I doubt many try to create decks with only feminine looking characters as a requirement! But yeah, I have lots of aspects I love.

Do you play Cabals much on your free time and what is your Username?

My username is WindomEarle and I would certainly like to play Cabals a lot more than I do, but what with work and family it can be a challenge to find the time.

Tell us one funny thing that has happened to you whilst working at Kyy Games?

Hmm, does that include this morning when I tried to use the shower in the toilet (it's a Finnish thing and I have no clue why nowhere else has them) I managed to spray water all over my top? (Oh maybe that's why!) Hmm, there are no doubt a number of funny things that have happened over the years, a lot of them no doubt more recently whilst playing Drawful 2, but they don't come to mind right now.

How do you spend your free time - apart from improving Cabals of course?

A lot of time is with the people I love of course but otherwise I love following sports (also enjoy sports myself but don't tend to do so much nowadays), going for walks, playing with gadgets (e.g. mobile phone), playing games of course (generally whilst doing the previous two things), travelling and of course socialising on Social Media.

Is there anything you would like to say to the players of Cabals?

See you on the battlegrounds and enjoy playing Cabals (of course)!

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