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#7 - Cacukuke

Recently Cabals was released in Russian, which has no doubt seen a number of new players playing the game. One not so new player to the game is the subject for our latest player interview. Cacukuke reveals his take on the concept of the Bearclaw Brotherhood as well as providing some sound advice on what is needed to be a Cabalist! Well worth reading...

First, tell us about yourself.

My name is Nikolay and I am from Russia. I'm working as a software development and support engineer.

How did you find out about Cabals?

I looked for some fresh mobile turn-based strategy games and found a Cabals review. The game had a fresh concept, was fun and well designed, matches were relatively short too.

What is behind the name "Cacukuke"?

When I started playing Cabals I was sure that it is was just one more game I would play for a week. How I was wrong...So then I used a temporary email account to register and it generated some meaningless code "cacukuke". That is all. After I understood that Cabals is what I've looked for I reviewed the name and realised the following:
1. It is unique.
2. It is strange and unusual.
3. It means nothing concrete.
That was enough for me to keep it.

Why don't you have an avatar on the Cabals Community forum?

That corresponds to "Cacukuke" as that doesn't have any meaning.

What are the key aspects that keep the game interesting for you?

1. It is deep and very combinational due to tile spacing, battlegrounds and deckbuilding.
2. Match results depend on your decisions greatly, though there is a strong fortune component.
3. It is well-designed internally, has nice art and cultural background.
4. There are many perfect Cabals players and playing against them is always fun and challenging. Cabals is interesting as long as people are part of Cabals. The first 3 aspects only work when combined with this one.
5. Matches are quite fast so you can manage your time.

What do you think is required to be successful at this game?

Learnability and experience. One should like the game to spend enough time to play well. Calmness, attention, imagination and reasonable decisions. Respect for other players. Deck-building skills. Predicting what the opponent will do.

What is your favorite cabal, hero and card? Why?

I enjoy all the cabals. Most favorite are those which allow unexpected movements and transformations, so the dragon minions.

Favourite hero is Baba Yaga due to the dynamic nature of its ability. Also Baba Yaga is a well known fairy person from slavic folklore.

Favourite card is Bies. It is cheap to deploy and activate, powerful, tricky to use and fits very well into the Bearclaw game concept. I rarely see people using it.

If you had the power to change or add some features, what would they be?

Nothing that hasn't been discussed by the Cabals Community (based on forum): game chat, new alliance, more battlegrounds, probably new types of tiles, sometimes rebalancing the cards to change the meta.

How do you spend your free time - apart from playing Cabals of course?

I like playing volleyball, nature trips.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fellow Cabals players?

Consider being active members of the community. Write forum posts, guides, discuss cards, strategies etc. The game is good but it can't grow effectively without players feedback... Let's respect each other by playing fairly. Newbies - concentrate on deckbuilding and learning effective tactics.

And finally, you're a Hall of Famer, War of Cabals Champion and regular to the Cabalist leaderboard. You must have nearly accomplished everything in Cabals and have all the cards you want, or is there something else you are aiming for next in the world of Cabals?

Probably beating Bensynos in the final of some grand Cabals tournament ;)

Now that would be a final worth watching! Well, meanwhile, here is a great match from when the two met some years ago...

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