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#5 - PauluS

It is a pleasure to be able to bring you the next player interview a bit sooner than the last one. This time we talk to one of the top members of the Cabals Community. This person has been battling it out on the battlegrounds of Cabals since almost the very beginning and has racked up numerous War of Cabals Champion titles. Let's look into a mind intelligent enough to master Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards.

First, tell us about yourself.

My name is Pablo and I come from Malaga, Spain. I am 33 years old and currently I work as an aerospace engineer in Hamburg, Germany.

How did you find out about Cabals?

On the specialized website Touch Arcade it had a positive review and I was captured by the comic art of Morgana. I started playing a few weeks after the game was released.

What is behind the name "PauluS"?

Sgt. Paulus was a name given to a figurine in a Warhammer 40k battle report that I read as a kid. I found the Latin version of my name more "imposing". When friends call me in that way with a suspicious smile I assume they find it more ridiculous than imposing, but still I'm completely ok with that. I spare their lives from my bolter fire.. J

What avatar would you have on the Community Forum if you had to and why?

I think It would be the Alistair Crowley card art. After thousands of games I kind of interiorized that portrait, he looks really badass.

What are the key aspects that keep the game interesting for you?

Cabals perfectly blended the trading card genre with the traditional table game like chess or stratego. For me this "2D" Dimension is what makes it unique and superior to the rest of the competition.
On top of that, the fact that the game feels completely different when playing each different cabal while being really well balanced, makes it for me a true masterpiece.

What do you think is required to be successful at this game?

To play slow and purposeful. Every alternative at the table must be evaluated carefully no matter how irrelevant it looks at a first look: what is the better path to follow until you get to that target tile, to spend resources now to put some unit in action or saving them for a more effective combo in the next turn, etc.. well, that, and having a thin finger, so you don't press the end turn button when trying to check your discard pile :/

What is your favorite cabal, hero and card? Why?

The monotone deck and hero that works better for me is Alistair, but I find in more fun to play the dual heroes with mixed cards of either the dominion or primal alliances.
I think my favourite card should be the most hated by my favourite opponent, so it must be Sandstorm... after some Enlightened Torturer foreplay of course.

With an update coming soon, or even released by the time people read this, what are you hoping for from Cabals 4.0?

First of all, a rework on the elite cards, either nerfing their advantages or reducing their pricing. The game is wonderful, but this is a major obstacle for any newcomer that wanted to be competitive. I think the game community will have its growth severely restricted if the elite concept doesn't change at 4.0
Talking about balance changes, I hope to see some boost to the Dominion alliance and of course a few new cards for each Cabal.

If you had the power to change or add some features, what would they be?

I would include a built-in tournament option, many fellow players have already asked for it too. Then I would launch tournaments after each reset of the ladder, like some sort of playoff to decide who would be the monthly champions, for example.
Another idea could be some type of chat or limited communication between players, maybe not during game but outside it, so we can have some immediate interaction between games without needing the forum or a third party chat service.

How do you spend your free time - apart from playing Cabals of course?

I like and need to do a lot of stuff outside home. I like to play sports, party, films, go to rock concerts, travel.. the good thing about mobile games nowadays is that you can comfortably play at home like always or on your way to work or meeting friends. I hope that Cabals continues to fill these interludes of my life for many years.

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