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#3 - Bensynos

Is your dream to top the Cabals leaderboard? Do you just hate losing and always want to be the best? Well here is someone who has done exactly that. Bensynos is, at the time of posting this, top of the leaderboard season 4 with a rating of 3000 having played 3149 matches! Here is your chance to hear what one of the Cabals masters has to say...

First, tell us about yourself.

My name is Andrea, I am a 24 year old Italian man and I work in the telecommunications sector.

How did you find out about Cabals?

I love strategic games. When I have some free time, I search for strategic games I have never played. I came across Cabals by chance, scrolling the list of games of my iPad app store and soon I fell in love with it.

What is behind the name "Bensynos"?

Bens is the nickname with which my friends call me. I thought to have a longer nickname which could identify me online and was not used by anyone already. Bensynos was the result.

What's the story behind your avatar on the forum?

The avatar is an image taken from the film Fight Club. It's a film which influenced me a lot as a person. This avatar reminds me of this.

How does it feel to be top of the leaderboard?

I feel eager to prove my skill to anyone who has the courage to challenge me. :P

What are the key aspects that keep the game interesting for you?

The mechanics of Cabals are made really good. In trading card games fortune often has a decisive role in determining who is the winner and who is the loser. In Cabals, this really rarely happens. More the strategic element is important and so my gaming experience is more pleasant and interesting.

What do you think is required to be successful at this game?

As for almost all the things, it's time, the time spent practicing. So experience is what determines the outcome of a match. And obviously an attitude for these kind of games and challenges.

What is your favorite cabal, hero and card? Why?

Interesting question. I could not choose between two, Vril Society and Son of Osiris.

The first one, because every card is explosive or can damage nearby units (Trooper, Mechanic, Hexenbanner, Amulet). It's also faster in moving (Zeppelin, Industrial Economics) and can deploy cards with the highest attack (Warrior, Champion), maybe even in front of the enemy stronghold. The second one, because of the concept to revive dead creatures and to fill the map with zombies.

My favourite hero is Alistair Crowley because you can resurrect even the strongest card, maybe in front of the opponent's stronghold. I also really like Miguel Rosenau because the union of cards between Vril and Zahir allows some of the most complex and amazing combos in the entire game.

On the contrary, my favourite card comes from Dragon Enclave and that is Journey into Diyu. For me, It's the most versatile card. You can use it to resurrect one of your cards, maybe a Rain Dragon to power up nearby units, You can use it to stop a unit from conquering strategic tiles or you can use it to transform the enemy's strongest cards into harmless useless units. You can also modify the top card of your opponent's discard pile and that can sometimes change the path of a match.

If you had the power to change or add some features, what would they be?

There would be many. But I will focus on five which I would like to see implemented. From the more important to the lesser:

1. Would really like more cards. For me who has played more than 5000 matches, there seems to be extremely few.
2. The possibility to communicate during the match with other players, maybe through a chat or choosing from a list of messages to send to the opponent. For example "Greetings", "Good luck", "Hurry Up" etc.
3. Better integration with a sharing platform. I often had problems when I tried to share some videos on Everyplay and the possibility to save replays on local space.
4. Maybe a little different rating system, to advance from 2400 rating to the actual 3000 of my first account I had to win 120 matches for every 10 matches that ended in defeat. And the final rating, at the end of a season, should be the highest rating gained by the player which should be somewhere visible, not the actual one.
5. Different kinds of modes of matchmaking, for players who use elite cards and for players within a determined range of rating.

And I want to remind that the Cabals staff promised me to implement all of these points soon in exchange for this interview (or maybe not... :P)

How do you spend your free time - apart from playing Cabals of course?

I love all kinds of sport. I dedicate all the time I can to doing them, especially swimming and working out in the gym.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fellow players in the Cabals Community?

I could give them some simple advice which could help to greatly increase their skill in playing Cabals. That is to look at the post match replay and analyze every move made by each player. It's incredible how I, after more than 5000 games played, still find alternative ways I could have played a step of a match which I didn't perceive. That may have been because of the limited turn time or because I focused on a determined strategy and didn't consider more valid moves. Do this, and after not much time, your skill and rating will increase, I guarantee.
Greetings to all, see you in the forum.

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