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#1 - Mip

We start by releasing the player profile of Mip, who is undoubtedly one of the best and most active Cabals players in the community. Mip has also made a fan video of him playing Cabals, explaining game basics and some advanced moves too.

First, tell us about yourself.

Hello. My name is Pim, I'm currently 24 years old and study Applied Physics in the Netherlands.

How did you find out about Cabals?

I was looking on wikipedia for digital card games. I had clicked some names and ended up with Cabals, which I then decided to try.

What is behind the name "Mip"?

It is the reverse of my real name. Pim for those who didn't get it :) Or if that sounds really unbelievable, it's just short for Mega Important Person...

Cabals has been out for almost 10 months now. What are the key aspects that keep the game interesting for you?

To be honest I only started out in February this year, so I haven't been playing for 10 months now. I like thinking up new strategies when new cards and/or maps come out. I also like a bit of competition, so I liked the tournaments organized so far. The last tournament also gave me a good reason to try one of the others cabals too. My playing of Vrill is still bad... I also like to give props to (player) Void for continuously trying to take back #1. He also got it at least once that I saw the last few weeks, but didn't quit when ahead.

What do you think is required to be successful at this game?

I think being able to predict most likely or best moves for your opponent is important for the game. With most cabals you can predict about how many resources they have next turn. So you'll have a decent idea what they can and can't do. Also different cabals can do different things, against green/blue expect boosts to units, against yellow they can use "carve the skin", but that card is a lot less played.

Another thing is: this move would be really great if he didn't have that one card X. You should consider if you are just being set up and he does have that card and if you can recover from that. Or if the situation just doesn't allow you to stall due to, for instance, a domination points lead on their side.

So basically it's important to know when to commit to doing something and when to hold back a bit. Dropping too many weenies will for instance leave you vulnerable to gas attack, but might be worth it vs Zahir, which don't seem to run it often. Then the loads of weenies somewhat offset the risk of assassins sniping them all.

What is your favorite cabal, hero and card? Why?

My avatar on the forum might suggest it's Morgana, but it's really Queen Mab. My favorite cabal is Danann Covenant. I like Mab just for the great effect and the constant pressure it puts on your opponent. He/she has to continually keep their deployment zones occupied. My favorite card is Danann Shapechange, it's just very versatile.

So why Morgana for an avatar then?

I did start out playing Morgana, also it was easier to cut up the morgana picture into avatar size :)

If you had the power to change or add some features, what would they be?

- Better support for connection issues, so the games drops less quickly.
- Possibility to select map and/or starting player in friendly games. The choice for random or a specific map/player should be visible to the other players. This might help in future tournaments to prevent one person from playing first more often or people can play a specific map to test out strategies.
- An ability to view a replay of a match (can still keep hands hidden).
- Perhaps a form of rating decay. Lose X points if playing no game in Y amount of time. Then people (me included) can't just stay on top of the ladder after reaching it once.
- More cards! No explanation needed really...
- A 2v2 version, maybe only friendly games at first, where you and someone else can team up against two other people on different maps. Perhaps 4 strongholds and losing one on your side is loss.
- A win percentage in your "Play" screen, just near your rating and level. I'm kind of curious about it, but I didn't really keep track of each game. Or perhaps an overall win percentage and one for the last month...

How do you spend your free time - apart from playing Cabals of course?

I've recently also started playing a different online tcg, Shadow Era. I also play some physical card games (Settlers of Catan/Citadels/Munchkin/Carcassonne) and of course book reading.

Anything you would like to say to the fellow Cabals players?

I hope more of my fellow players become active on the forums and irc channel.

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