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Physical Cabals and SUPER BOOSTERS!


Cabals Board Game is coming!

Midsummer fest and celebrations continue at Kyy Office. Some rumors about the development of Cabals Board Game have leaked from the secret KyyLab into public domain. During the past week, the Kyy crew has been labouring with the latest creation. The physical Cabals saw daylight, as the armored vehicles transported the smoking hot package straight from the factory to Kyy HQ.
The strictly guarded secrets of the board game will finally will be uncovered to the public eye at Ropecon 27-29.7, where it will be put to test by true gamers.
The developer wishes for everyone to come meet the crew and play Cabals.
Kyy Games has also announced, that Cabals will enter Kickstarter later this year.

SUPER BOOSTER available for the weekend

Excited by all this, we wish to give you a little something in return: During this weekend BOOSTERS GIVE +1 RARE!

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New Season 4 starts today!


Season 4 is here!

Update v2.1.2 launches season 4, adding a new social feature to the game - Refer a Friend. This feature allows you to invite your friends to the game granting them a free Hero card. The best thing is that it also benefits you! Each time a friend you invited to the game purchases influence, we add an extra 5% of the amount purchased to your account! Now it's a good time to crawl back to the real world from Dragon Enclave and get in touch with friends who haven't yet experienced the mystic world of Cabals!

Complete list of changes:

Card Spotlight

Vril Berserk

"Gottlob here is one of the Schwarze Sonne, a new subdivision of our society established to guard the rocket facilities of Peenemunde." -Tarnhari

The Archives

The Archives sheds some developer insight on how specific cards were designed. Read more.