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Map Contest


About the contest

The best two maps will be included in the game. The rating is based mainly on forum users' opinions and comments but the developers make the ultimate decision. The rest of the maps will possibly be taken into account when adding/designing new maps. We reserve the right to change map names.

All reasonable maps will go live for real evaluation. While doing this, we will also remove the current maps for that period of time."



Both winners receive 300 Influence and the maps will be included in the game.

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Gentleman's Sealed Deck Tournament


Gentleman's Sealed Deck Tournament

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This tournament is Inspired by the Gentleman's Starter Deck Tournament hosted by Tatterdemalion The concept is quite simple, start a fresh shiny new Cabals account and choose a cabal. Play with that cabal exclusively on the ladder in multiplayer.


  • You start a new account with the prefix "GS" e.g. "GS.DeathKillerX"
  • You sign up on this forum thread
  • You agree to abide by the 750 Influence limit.
  • Multiplayer only
  • You behave like a sportsperson when playing your tourney deck


1) King of Cabals - Highest Rating
Use GS.decks and gather most rating
2) Duke of Cabals - Highest Win%:
This is for those who wish to participate, but dont want to play hundreds of games.
Minimum requisite: atleast 20 games played
3) Godfather of Cabals - Most Games Played
Now there's a competition for the playniacs, who just love to play hundreds of games.


Card Spotlight

Adept Transmuter

"The seven steps in the process of elemental change are: calsination, digestion, fermentation, distillation, circulation, sublimation and fixation." -Quorcetanus

The Archives

The Archives sheds some developer insight on how specific cards were designed. Read more.