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War of Cabals: Pearl Banquet - Week 2


The first week of the Pearl Banquet is over! Players who made it to the Top 20 of the leaderboard will be named and awarded on June 17, 2014!

Once again the leaderboard has been reset, however, this week there is a difference. We've listened to your feedback in the groundbreaking War of Cabals Congress and the prizes have now been shared out to the Top 20 every week! At the end of the week (June 22, 23:59 PDT), the Top 10 players will receive 250 influence each and the Top 11 - 20 players 100 Influence! The sanguine feast continues!

Join the War of Cabals! Fight in the Pearl Banquet for a chance to earn amazing rewards!

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Duat Walker

"The body of the dead man was made everlasting." -Oswald Spengler

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