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Bearclaw Mayhem!


The fourth week of Bearclaw Mania has ended! The top Cabalist, Adeptus and Neophyte players have already been rewarded!

But, the craziness is not yet over. It is time for Bearclaw Mayhem! From August 29 until September 1, 00:00 PDT, we’re going to have a quick fire battle. For three days, players will mercilessly compete with each other for a chance to get epic rewards!

As we like to be generous at Kyy Games, 100 players will receive a random card from any Cabal. The higher the leaderboard, the better the prize! Top 60 Neophyte will receive Uncommon cards, Top 30 Adepti will receive Rare cards, and Top 10 Cabalists will receive Elite Rare cards. As an added bonus, position 30 of the Adeptus and Neophyte leaderboards will receive elite versions of their prize!

It's Bearclaw Mayhem! Battle to the end to win amazing rewards!

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