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Zahir Domination Final Week Results


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With the upkeep costs of their armies of automatons becoming more and more prohibitive the Order of Zahir must acknowledge the reality of the situation and concentrate on holding their acquired territories. The other Cabals are eager to take this breather to strategize and think on the future. Some will take this as the perfect opportunity to expand their influence while others will be content to take a step back and see where the dominoes fall before committing their forces to any single plan.

Boris Kane had been on the trail of Samuel Ong and his strike force for a while now. Commanded by the experienced LleoMaxX to not give up the chase until the Nether force was destroyed or disbanded Kane had instructed his troops to not lose the scent for any reason. Constantly chasing after their enemies, a less experienced army might not have been up to fighting effectively when they finally caught them but luckily this was not an army of new recruits. Veterans of many battles and different encounters, Boris Kane had picked every one of his troops for the chase personally.

Samuel Ong, however, was not dealing with the situation as well as the pursuers. Some bad luck with a few injuries had caused a few delays and the knowledge that they were being chased was constantly on their minds. While the army overall was also experienced, being chased and hunted was not a situation most took to with much enthusiasm. The environment was also not one the Nether alliance forces were too used to. The pine forests were much more the Primals’ playground.

The expected battle that both sides felt was coming was not one for the history books. One night when Ong heard the pursuing army coming ever closer, his scouts ran right into a swamp that proved impassable. With a few units stuck and struggling for sturdier ground and the Primal force’s cheers and jeers being heard by every single one of those under his command he made the difficult decision to retreat. His troops divided and fled, embarrassed by the situation.

Ong survived to fight another day and so did some of his luckier troops. The rest were never heard of again.

The fighting moves to another bout of Mayhem to close out the month! In Zahir Mayhem, the best 100 players will all receive a random Elite card from the Order of Zahir. The 100 are divided into 60 Neophyte, 30 Adeptus and 10 Cabalist players.

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