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Zahir Domination Week 3 Results


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The Order of Zahir has managed to gain a lot of new ground during their efforts in the last few weeks. The advantage of commanding armies with relentless Automatons and Golems being able to constantly harass the enemy cannot be underestimated. With the expected final week of engagements approaching the Order seeks to establish a secure foothold in as many territories as possible. With that in mind they do know to avoid overextending themselves. The Order’s leadership must be ready to stall their advance and prepare for the hard part of keeping their newly acquired land from the unhappy other Cabals.

During the previous weeks, the player arciemag’s force under the command of Franz Tausend has fought in multiple engagements. Sometimes fortune has smiled on the army, bringing it glorious victories. However, there have been other battles where the opposition has been too much for Tausend’s Dominion troops.

On one cold, foggy morning the exhausted army that had just been forced to retreat from Elder Zhang Guo was still gathering back their strength when the ingenious detection web the camp’s Magicians had set up utilizing a few Ley Obelisks was tripped. The alarm was heard and understood and the camp’s occupants quickly took up arms and prepared for any eventuality.

Approaching a, seemingly, unaware enemy, Rasputin crept closer. Assured by his Familiars and Hermits that the opposing camp was easy pickings he was ready to order the attack on the beleaguered Tausend and his pitiful army. Psychic Lapses were prepared as was a Frost and Bone Guards were sent on a flanking maneuver.

Tausend observed all this and waited for the most opportune time. When Rasputin was close enough and committed to the attack, Franz unleashed the full might of his experienced, albeit tired, force. A Living Void appeared in front of a triplet of Familiars while an Underworld Charger ran towards the closest enemy. Automatons, previously hidden in foliage, appeared behind the furthermost attackers.

With all his troops performing to the same exacting standard Franz Tausend had come to depend on he grinned before himself joining the fight.

The month’s final leaderboard reset will happen on the 29th of March at around 00:00 PDT. The best players then will be rewarded as usual. The best 20 Neophytes, the top 15 Adepti and the 10 most successful Cabalists will receive 100, 200 and 300 Influence, respectively. They will all also receive a random Rare card from the Order of Zahir. The top 10 New Stars will receive 100 Influence and a random card from the Order.

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