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Zahir Domination Week 1 Results


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After a week of fierce battles reports are circulating of massive armies of animated creations, supported by the alchemical masters of the Order trampling over lightly defended borders. They must have been constructing the units in secret in preparation for their opportunity since their number and relentlessness has caught many off guard.

With the Order’s armies taking on the other Cabals there is, however, still time to settle old grudges and grow new ones. When Elder Zhang Guo, Cynergy’s experienced Nether force’s leader received word that Boris Kane had moved his Primal army close enough to engage he wasted no time in preparing his troops for a quick attack. Dragon Sages and High Priests were consulted on the most opportune plan and the wide variety of Dragons were prepared for an aerial attack, followed afterwards by a ground offensive led by Enlightened Torturers. Healers were told to be on stand-by as a Sandstorm was prepared to soften the opponent’s ranks.

In Boris Kane’s command tent, a briefing was underway with the army’s top lieutenants when a strong gust of wind threw the tent’s flap open, revealing the storm raging outside. Thousands upon thousands of grains of sand blew in, tearing the clothing and flesh off the bones of an unlucky Changeling Chauffeur. The rest of the tent’s occupants were quick to take cover, only receiving mild wounds and irritation from the sand blasting around.

The defenses were marshalled, Bog Candles lit and Banshees unleashed upon the attackers. The shapechanging magic of the Danann Covenant was utilized to great effect. The ground itself was made hazardous to any trespasser, not to mention the Frost that fell, in effect replacing the now dwindling Sandstorm.

The battle went on for hours. A Hermit fell, next to a few Yellow Sea Smugglers. A mighty Illusionary Dragon was made visible by passing through the Frost, allowing itself to be targeted by multiple Vasilisa’s Dolls and Domovois.

When it became apparent that this was not a battle that could be won Boris Kane did the only sensible decision he could and retreated, leaving his positions he’d fought hard for behind. Elder Zhang Guo stood triumphant and the Healers began the arduous task of saving the injured and granting a swift mercy to those too far gone.

Next week’s reset will happen on the 15th of March at around the normal time of 00:00 PDT. The very best players will then be rewarded with cards and Influence. All the players who reach the different brackets will get a random Common card from the Order of Zahir. Additionally, the Neophytes will get 100, the Adepti 200, the Cabalists 300 and the New Stars 100 Influence.

Assemble your forces and march for or against the Order!

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