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Danann Uncertainty Final Week Results


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Danann Uncertainty ends as the Covenant suddenly pulls back on all their fronts, sometimes even leaving their camps and belongings behind. Many high-ranking diplomats suddenly turn in their positions and go back to their homelands. The other cabals are baffled, even the Bearclaw Brotherhood who seeing their sometimes allies retreating are forced to concede some of their own advances. Strategists all over the battlegrounds hurry to analyze the Covenants strange movements, hoping to gain an edge for their own cabal.

When forces belonging to JusticeAtlas approached a port town they had a simple, yet effective plan. Karl Maria Viligut would lead a contingent of the more martial parts of the force to the town centre and then divide to occupy several strategically important places to ensure that the citizens would not be able to react effectively to the attack. At the same time a group of Cutthroats would enter the town through different means to keep the constabulary occupied.

A Gas Attack was prepared in case the opposition proved more than anticipated. If even that wouldn’t be enough, then the Vril Mutant and the Champion of Hyperborea would get their turn.

The plan was set and ready to be implemented when Vril-ya Novices acting as scouts brought word that a Primal alliance force was sighted nearby, moving to enter the town. There had been no word of that kind of opposition in the area so Viligut after consulting JusticeAtlas ordered a halt to the attack to account for the unforeseen variable.

A few days passed and the town’s citizens lived in a constant state of apprehension due to the Dominion alliance force. After carefully consulting their experts and gathering sufficient information about the enemy force via scouting Karl Maria Viligut was ready to risk the attack.

Orders were given out and troops moved to their positions. Then they began the approach to the town. Strangely, they did not meet with any resistance during their quick approach. Reports came from the Cutthroats that while the constabulary was putting up a semblance of a fight they had not engaged with any Primal troops. No Strigas, no Leshii, no strange Sidh tricks.

The somewhat overprepared Dominion force met with little resistance in capturing the town. Afterwards in the silence of his personal tent Viligut inspected the piece of paper that had been left nailed to a notice board in the town centre. The note, handwritten on exquisite paper simply said, “Yours, for now”.

In the absence of Danann Covenant’s presence an opportunity for a possible power grab has presented itself. Is this the chance for domination that the Order of Zahir has waited for? Marshalling their poisons and animated creations to the task, the masters of alchemy strike!

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