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Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards launches on Steam Early Access


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We are excited to announce that Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is now available on Steam Early Access. We have worked hard for a year to bring you the best Cabals experience, now available on Steam.

Being on Steam Early Access will give us more visibility in the competitive market and introduce a new era of Cabals for old and new players alike. The Steam version is Free-to-play, just like the mobile version so it’s easy to give it a go. Both the Steam and the mobile version support cross-platform multiplayer so players with any device will be able to match against one another.

The new version of Cabals has been designed from the ground up for Windows and Mac OS X and features an updated look suited for the increased screen real estate and more robust server performance. It’s the best way to experience the amazing art of Cabals and gain a new appreciation for the atmosphere of the battlegrounds!

The Steam version’s improved deck editor will make managing your decks easier than ever and maintaining multiple specialized decks a breeze.

Check out the Steam page for Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards during the launch for a great discount on a starter bundle. The bundle contains boosters and decks.

We’d like to thank all our loyal fans and players who have helped shape Cabals into the great experience it is. Over the years Cabals has grown and this is another great milestone. We hope you enjoy playing Cabals on Steam as well as on mobile!

For all the latest information about the new version and all things Cabals-related keep an eye on the forums, visit our social sites and check out the Steam page for Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards!

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