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Danann Uncertainty


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Now that the Dragon Enclave’s pushes to gain ground have met with perhaps more opposition than they expected they have withdrawn, temporarily of course, to re-evaluate the situation. Taking with them the bulk of their forces, small opportunities have appeared that the Danann Covenant has been quick to exploit. Launching a series of fast, unexpected raids the more magickally inclined side of the Primal alliance have managed to catch some forces of other cabals completely off guard. Now they seek to continue their raids in order to establish more secure positions. How will the other cabals respond to this? Most likely, with violence.

The month’s first leaderboard reset will occur next week on the 8th of February at 00:00 PDT. The top 20 Neophytes will then get 100 Influence. The top 15 Adepti will get 200 and the top 10 Cabalists 300 Influence. The top 10 New Stars will get 100 Influence and a random card from the month’s spotlight cabal, Danann Covenant.

Joining the Covenant’s raids may prove beneficial for many and joining is highly recommended.

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