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Dragon Mayhem Results


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The ferocious fighting by the players battling for glory has ended, for now. The best hundred players are rewarded with a random Elite card from Dragon Enclave.

While most of the commanders in all of the different Cabals know to direct their aggressions accordingly, towards their competitors there are always a few outliers. The player Darkdaze’s army under the leadership of Boris Kane had harbored a vendetta towards a fellow Primal force under Rasputin’s command. The reasons for the vendetta are numerous, at least according to rumours. Some say Rasputin failed to take to the field as an ally when called and that caused Boris Kane unnecessary casualties. Others swear Rasputin allowed his forces to freely steal from Kane’s troops as long as they weren’t caught.

The situation finally reached a boiling point when word came that a few of Boris Kane’s scouts had mysteriously disappeared near Rasputin’s camp and he refused to allow any investigation into the matter. That same evening plans were hatched to deal with the situation once and for all. Feral Shamans and Spiritual Mediums were consulted and they both agreed that the day after the planning session would be ideal for a little subterfuge. Troops from Boris Kane’s side would infiltrate Rasputin’s camp and start a fire that would draw attention away from the main event, a purposefully overloaded Void Capsule that would be smuggled into the camp.

Fortunes smiled on Boris Kane that day. A Man of the Crowd or two and some help from Danann magicks allowed the infiltration to succeed as per the plan. The explosion from the Void Capsule was magnificent, at least observed from a safe distance. Rasputin’s camp destroyed, Boris Kane considered the matter and grudge resolved.

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