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Dragon Serenity


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Vril Society had their shot at domination and it is yet unclear on how successful they were. Some territories were gained while some bad decisions led to downfalls in other areas. Sometimes it even seemed that the very natural forces were against their plans of conquest.

The perceptive eyes of the leadership of the Dragon Enclave were not idle during all this. They saw what the Society was planning and, just maybe, were inspired by it a little bit. But it does not do to repeat the mistakes of the past, not even if they are someone else’s.

Adapting their strategies to improve on the Vril Society’s effort, the Dragon Enclave begins their push in Dragon Serenity. All will bow before the might of the dragons!

The leaderboards will reset next week, on the 8th of January at the normal time, 00:00 PDT. Then the top 20 Neophytes will get 100 Influence, the top 15 Adepti 200 Influence and the top 10 Cabalists 300 Influence. The new players of that week, the New Stars will get 100 Influence and a random card from the sponsors of this month, the Dragon Enclave.

Join the War of Cabals and command the dragons!

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