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Vril Escalation


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The forces of the Vril Society have been preparing while their leadership has been busy pondering new battle strategies.

Now they feel the moment is right so their forces take to the field in Vril Escalation, hoping to dominate over the other cabals. Powered by their mastery of Vril and their advanced technology they have planned 4 weekly operations to expand their territories and influence.

Next week as the leaderboards are reset on the 8th of December at 00:00 PDT the top 20 Neophytes get 100 Influence, the top 15 Adepti get 200 Influence and the top 10 Cabalists get 300 Influence. The top 10 New Stars of the first week will get 100 Influence + a random card from the Vril Society.

Do your goals align with the Vril Society? Will you help them in their campaigns or will you try to hinder their plans?

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