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Aquila Mayhem Results


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Aquila Mayhem is done and the victors are given their due rewards as the War of Cabals moves into Vril Escalation!

There were multiple heroic engagements fought during this two-day event. In one, a rising star devilboy23 with his forces commanded by Alistair Crowley took over the land previously held by Elder Zhang Guo's troops. Crowley brought the forces of the desert to the battle with devoted servants and sandstorms and more. The opposing side with their mostly Dragon Enclave composition could not repel the Sons of Osiris despite fielding awesome dragons and a small contingent of Sons of Osiris themselves.

In the end when the dust settled the desert had once more claimed its victims and devilboy23's forces marched on to future battles, eager to gain more ground.

Click the image above to see the Mayhem’s results.

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