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Aquila Ascension Final Week results


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Congratulations to the winners of the third and final week of Aquila Ascension. Cabals have fought and the best players have been rewarded. Check the photo or in-game to see if you’ve won!

In an operation commanded by the experienced player Gecko, Queen Mab with most of her force owing allegiance to the Danaan Covenant triumphed over the troops of Elder Zhang Guo. The opposing general had amassed an army of Eastern power with some contributions from the Sons of Osiris. Guo’s forces fought valiantly but sadly, the tricks of the faery folk proved too much for the Dragon Enclave army to bear.

The month’s battles and operations are increasing in ferocity and are expected to culminate in a quick, 2-day event that will conclude the Aquila Ascension. Check the Aquila Mayhem thread for information on rewards.

Next month the Vril Society is looking to bolsters their ranks and to achieve this they will be hosting the Vril Escalation!

Click the image above to see the week’s best players.

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