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Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is an online trading card game (TCG) for mobile devices including iOS, Android and WP8 and for Windows and Mac via Steam. The game features cross-platform multiplayer, allowing mobile users to battle against desktop users and vice versa.

In Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards the goal is to win either by storming the opponent's Stronghold or by dominating the game board. Each player is armed with a unique deck of cards which they have constructed, filled with units and actions and represented by a hero.

Choose Your Own Game

Load your zeppelins with troops and go straight at the opponent or build your might through witches, sidhe and other creatures springing forth from folk tales – Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards allows you to pursue your own path towards victory.

Multiple Alliances, several Factions and victory conditions ensure that Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards offers a lot to explore right from the start and the regular updates help keep it that way.

The game is free to download and play.

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Card Spotlight

Carve the Skin

"Of course being a statue has its sides. It all depends on the way you look at it." -Jose Osorio de Cadiz

The Archives

The Archives sheds some developer insight on how specific cards were designed. Read more.