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Everyplay BBCode

Postby dougsymon » Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:34 am

It is now possible to embed your Everyplay videos to posts using the Everyplay BBCode.

Like the YouTube BBCode you just enter the video ID between the BBCode and it appears like below:

This video also shows video commentary that is possible to add after you have played a battle.

The code can be entered by using the BBCode buttons:


Then putting the video ID inbetween like this:


The video ID can be found from the share URL. When viewing Everyplay in browser this is simple to copy from the address bar. When in app the "easiest" way to find it is pressing Share on the video you wish to embed. Then select only email for sharing and press share again. Then it will open an e-mail with the share address in it and you can copy the video ID.

We look forward to seeing and chatting about your Everyplay videos!
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