How to: An instruction to make this game popular on Steam

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How to: An instruction to make this game popular on Steam

Postby Sdric » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:34 pm

So, i check some of the opinions on Steam and here's a way to please the player base and get more people to invest money:

1.) A full purchase option for 24.99€
-> Infinite PvP Battles
-> No Death/Injury timer
-> 1 extra fusion and anvil slot
-> 50% extra gold after battles
-> Crystal and Coin production time by captured towers is decreased to 33% of its normal duration. Card and vial production location time reduced by 33%.
-> Usable crafting queues

Other changes to promote a more competitive environment:
-> Maximum card level reduced to 10 in order to give players a chance to get a full deck of their choice (Players with higher levels get their copies back)

-> Excess cards can be scrapped for Dust, Dust can be given to "Producing locations" (Which are already ingame) - to produce a card of your chosing

-> Vials now grants a 5% crafting or fusion time decrease. You can select up to 8 vials to add per craft.

Cash Store Changes:
-> As a compensation for above changes the booster purchases via ingame currency get a 33% price increase

-> Purchase a Deck Slot

Interface changes:
-> Cards of different levels aren't shown on their own. Instead - once you click a card - you can select the card level.

-> Instead of 1 row, make it 3 rows where each row presents a crafting rarity (basic, fused, finished)

Balance changes:
-> Bies: Attack reduced by 20 - effect changed to "If Bies receives damage he counterattack with his own attack damage". Also: The effect triggers last (e.g. after Morena's attack)

-> Harbinger of Doom. Attack reduced by 20

-> Zeppelin: Attack reduced by 10

-> Star Spawn & Possses Junker: Attack + 10, but "If the attacking creatures attack is lower than this creatures attack reduce its damage by 66%"

I know that nothing of this is likely to happen. The current Kyygames policy shows that they're not very interested into actively changing their products, but instead throw something on the market and look how much money they can get out of it without investing any further effort.
Still, here's feedback let's see what you're going to do with it.
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