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*TIP* XP and Level

Postby dougsymon » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:26 am

Last week we looked at rating and rank from the results screen. What about your XP and level?


Experience Points
We always love to see +XP and that's what we gain when playing any type of battles in Cabals. You gain more XP when you win and not so much when you lose.

Your level is determined by how many experience points you have. So the more XP you gain the higher your level will be. As we mentioned earlier XP is gained in any form of battle and so your level can be increased when playing any form of battle. This is very important to remember when playing Online Matches.

Sometimes it can seem frustrating to face a player on a much higher level. This can be misleading however, as the level can be determined as much by playing Single Player matches as it can be playing Online Matches. For example, it does not mean that a high level player is going to necessarily be a strong player in Online Matches. Likewise, as Cabals is a complex game where battleground, card draw, tactics and more, heavily influence the result. Therefore, despite a player's level being majorly different, there is always a possibility of winning!

The highest level currently is 150 and once reaching Level 30 you are eligible to apply to make a guild (beta). The best thing about levelling up though is that you get a free card and can try your luck at getting those rare cards you really want.

Hopefully this tip adds to the understanding of the results screen!
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