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*TIP* Rating and Rank

Postby dougsymon » Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:34 am


The results screen is either a source for joy or despair, depending on if you have won or lost. So what does Rating, Rank, XP and Level actually tell you? This tip is the first of two posts going through those 4 aspects of the results screen.


Is basically your score in Online Matches since the last leaderboard reset.

The results screen shows how much rating you have gained or lost from the battle. From the leaderboard you can see what your current rating is.

Players start with a rating of 1200 and when the leaderboard is reset (currently every week) your Rating also resets back to 1200.

You don't gain Rating however when playing friend, Single Player or matches against Online AI.


The rank is decided by how high your rating is. The player with the highest rating will be top of the leaderboard and your rank is your current position on the leaderboard.

The results screen shows this as how many places you have moved up or down after the last battle. Please note that this can currently be misleading the first battle after a reset, as you either jump above or below all the players on rating 1200. You can see your current rank when in the Top 100 from the leaderboard.

Be sure to check back next week for the second tip about the results screen highlighting some important things to understand about XP and Level!
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