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*TIP* Stamina

Postby dougsymon » Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:41 pm


You may notice from the picture above that there is a green +4 on Devoted Bureaucrat. This signifies 4 Stamina.

In the Chinese texts it says "Stamina 4 (Takes 4 extra damage before being destroyed)"

Therefore the green number does not add to the Power of the unit but does reduce the damage when in combat.

That's why it takes a 5 power unit to destroy Devoted Bureaucrat in a single combat. Watch out for cards like Feral Shaman that can suddenly add 1 Stamina to any card just by exhausting. It can be useful way to stay alive in combat. There are also units like Cursed Duchess who gain stamina when conquering tiles!
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Re: *TIP* Stamina

Postby flurgx » Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:34 pm

Stamina units can sometimes be pretty annoying, like the Dutches you mentioned.
The bureaucrat is seldom a problem because he got only 1 power.
The Feral Shaman is only dangerous with striga, IMO
Yes he can sometimes save a unit, but because he needs to exhaust for that he is not of much use for me.. I played him a while ago, but he never won a game for me.
I sometimes play against him, and he is never threatening :-)

As mentioned, the Dutches can be strong and I think we don't have to discuss the gnome hero... :O
My 2 cents...
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