Strategy - Deck building

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Strategy - Deck building

Postby dougsymon » Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:48 am

When you first start playing Cabals it's probably good to stick with Starter Deck's and add the odd new card you gain but what about later when you've more than enough cards to choose from?

What is the best way to build your deck?

Using the Deck Editor can be a daunting task. One simple rule to remember is that you need to have enough low cost units so you have cards to play early in the game. Higher cost cards are likely make up just 5 to 10 of your deck. It's also advisable to keep your deck as close to the 30 cards minimum as possible so as to consistently draw the cards you need early on.

What other things should newer players especially pay attention to when deck building?
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Re: Strategy - Deck building

Postby flurgx » Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:39 pm

Yes I'd like to post some of my experiences I gathered with deck building..

In the beginning I think I started with the starter deck, indeed :-)
It took me a while to figure out what cards are good to play with, and which aren't.

Frost for instance I took out of my deck for a while, because I underestimated it.

The 1 drops I didn't like in the beginning as well, I thought they are just useless junk. Until I lost against people who played 3 one drops in their first turn and just got map control too easy.
The only thing those players have to fear is a turn 2 northern lights..
That's why I play this card and love it :-)
but it's very dangerous, because it can backfire very easily, you have to know exactly when to play it, and when not..

Now I play 4 one drops, and around 6 two drops.

Where I'm not totally sure about is the number of spells I should and actually can play.
Currently I play a total of 38 cards and 15 of them are spells :O
but 6 out of those 15 are the 2 mana buffs that draw a card...
I am pretty much satisfied with my current deck, I wouldn't know what to take out. It performs pretty well, even though it can have terrible draws, but that happens very seldom.
It depends a lot on how you navigate your deck, what decisions you make, and when ;-)
Cabals is a complex game and I think that's why most of us are playing it :-)

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