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Re: Battleground Design Competition [Entries]

Postby veiled » Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:36 am

This is the backgroud I designed. Name: Masque

:b: :b: :bgd: :bge: :b: :b: :bge: :bgr2: :b: :b:
:b: :b: :bge: :bge: :b: :b: :bge: :bge: :b: :b:
:bgr1: :bge: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bge: :bgc: :bge: :bge: :bgr1:
:bge: :bgr: :b: :b: :bge: :bge: :b: :b: :bgb: :bge:
:bgr1: :bge: :bge: :bgc: :bge: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bge: :bgr1:
:b: :b: :bge: :bge: :b: :b: :bge: :bge: :b: :b:
:b: :b: :bgr2: :bge: :b: :b: :bge: :bgd: :b: :b:

It requires the following pieces:
:bgr1: :bge: :bgr1:
:bge: :bgr: :bge:

2* :bgd: :bge: :bge:

2* :bgr2: :bge: :bge:

2* :bgc: :bge: :bge:

2* :bgr1: :bge: :bge:

2* :bge: :bge: :bge:

I think it woulf be great fun to have four hollows in the middle when the center is united again to increase mobility. I consider the resources points wouldn't be too much and it would require much time to occupy them all. It is overall balanced; I think it is great for non-agressive cabals, which are all but the vril-societies.

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Re: Battleground Design Competition [Entries]

Postby Huxk » Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:02 pm

:bgc: :bge: :bge: :bgr: :bge: :bge: :bgr2:
:bge: :bgd: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bgd: :bge:
:bge: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bge:
:bgb: :bgr1: :bge: :b: :bge: :bgr1: :bgg:
:bge: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bge:
:bge: :bgd: :bge: :bgr1: :bge: :bgd: :bge:
:bgr2: :bge: :bge: :bgy: :bge: :bge: :bgc:

Name: Tapestry

:bgc: :bge: ... :bge: ... :bge: :bgr2:
:bge: :bgd: ... :bge: ... :bgd: :bge:
:bge: :bge: ... :bgr1: ... :bge: :bge:

2 of each.

:bgb: ... :bgg: ... :bge: :bgr: ... :bge: :bgy:
:bgr1: ... :bgr1: ... :bge: :bgr1: ... :bge: :bgr1:
:bge: ... :bge: ... :bgr1: :bge: ... :bgr1: :bge:

1 of each.

You may also break 3X2 boards into 3X1 boards, which is harder to patch up but gained versatility:

:bgc: :bge: :bge: X2

:bgr2: :bge: :bge: X2

:bgr1: :bge: :bge: X4

:bge: :bgd: :bge: X4

:bgr: :bgr1: :bge: X4 (different colours)

The board generates 20* per turn (5* per player). The card and resource locations at 4 corners suggested different choices.

Three 2v2 modes:

R+Y VS B+G: Attack with your ally from both sides, defend on your own. 4 portals are all "active" (most recommended).

R+B VS Y+G: Compete for +2* at corner, consult with ally about card draw.

R+G VS B+Y: Compete for extra draw, both sides have a safe backfield +2*.

4 players mode:

Also playable, though there's a central hole. Choose your target wisely and win this real conspiracy step by step.
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Re: Battleground Design Competition [Entries]

Postby Kicek » Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:33 am

Map Name:
Run for it!

:b: :bge: :bgr: :bge: :b:
:b: :bgr2: :bge: :bgr1: :b:
:bge: :bge: :b: :bge: :bge:
:bgc: :bgd: :b: :bgd: :bgc:
:bge: :bge: :b: :bge: :bge:
:b: :bgr1: :bge: :bgr2: :b:
:b: :bge: :bgb: :bge: :b:

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Re: Battleground Design Competition [Entries]

Postby dougsymon » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:46 pm

A massive thank you to everyone who has entered. We will be sure to revisit this when we restart the Kickstarter.

The 3 winners are:


Influence should have been added to your account, congratulations!!

Enjoy playing Cabals everyone!
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