[The Archives] #2 Baba Yaga

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[The Archives] #2 Baba Yaga

Postby dougsymon » Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:40 pm

The hag of Bearclaw


It was clear from the beginning that Baba Yaga should have an ability that helps or disturbs movement on the board. First she was meant to be a strong unit that could teleport herself across the board. But that would have harmed her character. Usually there is only one Baba in folktales whereas more than one of the same unit can be played. There is also something semi-godlike in her character. She isn't quite the mortal you just chop down with your pumped-up Initiate of Wodan and drop in the discard pile. So, we decided to make her a hero, which does some justice to her unique personality. Her ability of pushing units around, a specialisation in transportation, is intended to capture her dual nature as a helper and antagonist. Which is she to you?

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