Cabals and the New Player Experience

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Cabals and the New Player Experience

Postby KVD » Mon May 15, 2017 7:45 pm


I have recently purchased a new smartphone and I thought I would check out Cabals to see what was new.
After seeing the new cards I decided to drop some money on the game to try and catch up and to my relief I was able to do so with just £30 or so.

I chose to spend money on the game because I already know Cabals and I know I love the game. I know I could not go wrong with my purchase and therefore I made it. I believe most of the people who post in the forums are the same and do not mind the occasional expense to get new toys to play with and support the game they love.

However I could not help but think about what a new player would do in my shoes. Would someone who is completely new to Cabals give the game the benefit of the doubt? Would they risk their hard earned cash on the completely random chance of getting the card they're looking for?
Personally I doubt it.

During my years of absence I played a number of other card games including major competitors like the colossal Hearthstone, which hadn't even publicly come out when I started playing Cabals. I will briefly describe the new player experience with some of them:

Hearthstone: the game is considered to be unwelcoming to new players as the cardpool keeps increasing and catching up is almost impossible if you're new. Should you decide to spend money on the game, even if you end up not getting the cards you want you can still choose to destroy unwanted cards and eventually get them.

Shadowverse: the game is extremely generous to new players, rewarding them with a staggering 40 packs just for completing the tutorial. Similarly to Hearthstone, it allows you to destroy unwanted cards to craft ones you want.

Gwent: much more generous with packs than Hearthstone; still has a crafting system to ensure you get the cards you want eventually.

Now, all those card games have established brands behind them. Hearthstone has Warcraft, Shadowverse has Granblue Fantasy (which at one point was installed on two thirds of the phones in Japan), Gwent has The Witcher.
Cabals has nothing.

So I would like to know: in the eyes of Kyy, how would a new player justify spending money on the game? Why isn't there a system to allow people to circumvent having to buy packs and crossing their fingers to complete their collection?
I understand the cardpool is still small compared to other games and obviously the boys at Kyy need to eat, but as a consumer and from a hypothetical new player's point of view, what promise is there in the game? Why should I invest in it?
I'm sad to say that just being a good game isn't enough in this day and age. The game should soon launch on Steam and users won't hesitate to rip it apart if they deem it to be financially unfriendly as they did to Blitz. Your business model needs to be competitive to attract and maintain a playerbase.

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
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Re: Cabals and the New Player Experience

Postby Sdric » Mon May 15, 2017 7:54 pm

Modern mode was a way to make the game more accessible for new players. Sadly they removed it. There's also no crafting, I have to admit that this makes me lose hope for this game ever becoming big on Steam.

The game is extremely hostile towards new players, I hope that they manage to turn it around, but after the huge cash-grab the neglected Cabals: Card Blitz was - which released earlier this year - I lost even more trust in Kyygames.

I sadly have to say that I don't have many expectations for Cabals' future anymore, there's too much done wrong.
I still enjoy an occasional game, though.
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Re: Cabals and the New Player Experience

Postby Mip » Mon May 15, 2017 8:37 pm

Welcome back KVD.

I know the game is extremely unfriendly to new players, especially on steam. On android you can still watch some ads for some packs to speed it all up.

I kinda hope they make something on steam version to make it more new-player friendly.
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Re: Cabals and the New Player Experience

Postby Marked » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:59 am

the game is unfriendly because it is not a balanced game, it is a game in which cyclically it is strengthened in decks to the detriment of others, so that you have to invest money again. That is the problem of cabals.
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