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These rules are guidelines were for guilds beta testing, they are currently not in usage

Guilds are marked with 3-5 letter prefix to the name
This is something we can do right now, later on we will enhance these features
example: KYY.Habutzi

GUILDS can have their own password protected sub-forum

Minimum level for creating a guild is 30

Minimum level for joining a guild is 10

Forming a guild costs 500 influence
To form a guild you need to PM me
in the next phase we will have the guild scroll ingame

GM account has to be named [guild].GM
To join a guild, you will have to use GM's referral code.
This is how guild will start gaining extra influence, experience, ranking and cards.
We will make it automatized so that other than guild members cannot choose guild nicks
NOTE: Beware those who are caught abusing this system!

The guild master decides the theme of the guild, its manifesto, and who can join it.
They will get a shiny star next to their guild name to be recognized by

Guild ranking will consist of different criteria:
*s represent the weight in the calculating system
there shall be another leaderboard for guild rating
**** Active top ranked players
*** Guild activity (number of online games)
** People recruited
* Experience gained

Communication through forum, irc, skype etc
no chat will be implemented in the near future
will reconsider the chat possibility later

About possible abuses and cheating
We're building a social system for the benefit of all, those who try to sabotage it will not be tolerated
Later these issues will be tackled by rule changes and automatization
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