My thoughs about the game

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My thoughs about the game

Postby FishCru » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:29 pm

I first played the game a long, long time ago on a android device. I liked, but the interface with the small screen doesn't helped. One day i saw the pc version of the game and got crazy on, but the game needded a key, after some time i got one! I loved the pc version! Understand the cards and what was going on was much easer. But i stoped to play after some days and now after some time i remenbered the game and becouse i liked i wanna say why i left.
I have some experience with card games so i normaly won a lot when i start playng some ranked, and this hapens with cabals too, but not so much how i expected. Sunddely i notice the power of direct removals in this game, especially when your oponent have that blue creature that can move and kills everething around with no energy cost, if i remenber right. Withou a removel, all oponents that play this card against me, got a free win.
I was playing something very similar to this in my deck thoug, but was the balanced version, the creature need to use exhaustion and only destroys one adjacent minion. Is good in the summon area for some surprese efect against bad players, especiale in a non direct removal deck, but is not iven close to his sister, that CAN MOVE and destroi everething. So basicle wins got impossible.
I thoug ok, lets craft that op card and removals, but wait, where i can craft cards, i can only buy packs? But this is a digital card game! Why i can't craft?
Then i left the game.
I dont know how much i woud need to expende on money to get this freaking removals, maybe i never could get.
I got used to win atlest agaist bad player in card games. The idea of lose for anyone, becouse he have a single unstopable card, until i finally get some removals is not attractive.
Well, sorry for the english mistakes, and if the craft sisten exist now in the game, sorry for the ignorance and tell me so i can back to the steam version.
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