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Role Playing Cabals

Postby Saboteur » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:39 am

Sorry for grammar, wrote it from smartphone, will edit it. As you prob know by now its popular to put [.test ] extensions when you adjust your deck (im not an expert in this like Gecko but I try consulting with him) or just decide to blow the dust out from some forgotten hero.
Now all this testing stuff can be looked at like a role playing when your role is a tester and winning is not your only goal. Many games (dayz, arma3 life etc) has roleplaying aspects? why not to try something on cabals. Lets go a bit further...

I introduce to you cabals roleplays. Each scenario has its main goals as an addition to few goals that exist now (win by 60 domin points/ storming; completing quests ; testing). When playing these you simply add an extension [.****] according to scenario.

Roleplay lists:
1) "Five finger explosive punch"
Recommendation: for friendly match
Background: Who havent watched Kill Bill? Havent seen the fallinh North star Hokuno no Ken? Every wise men know that in deep east masters of fighting art hides the secret five finger explosive punch.. Lets travel where the sun rises from the night and find this ancient art..
Rules: main goal: use master of blades ability 5 times on same enemy unit (unit supposed ability cost should be +10 mana). If you can and your units are absent from battleground you have to deploy at least 1 targetable unit .
Unit that was targeted by master of blades cannot attack if he dies after, be killed by player who it belongs to, be returned to hand or move more than 3 tiles after first "punch" received. Stronholds cannot be stormed in this scenario.
If no one manages to use master of blades 5 times, the player with leading domin points must forfeit before game ends, but if you manage do 5 finger explosive punch opponent must forfeit.
Extension: [.5pun]

Will update this post with your roles. Will add a link where you can post a links to roleplayed games.
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