Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

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Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

Postby Sdric » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:21 pm

My current list (updated post the tournament):

Karl Maria Viligut


3x Vril-ja Novice
3x Mechnic
2x Aryan Runemaster
2x Bramin Engineer
2x Zeppelin
3x Underworld Charger
2x Vril Field generator
2x Armanic Warrior

2x Industrial Economics
1x Amulet of Wodan

1x Conspiring Beggar
3x Alawite Adept
2x Magican
2x Disciple of the Third Eye
1x Double Agent

(All elited)

This deck features a ton of control tools and removal. 3x Mechanic, 2x Vril Field Generator, 1x Amulet of Wodan, 3x Charger, 2x Disciple and Karl's ability are essentially as much removal as you can afford without sacrificing too much power on other ends. The lack of Assassin does decrease the potential lethality range, but the in-fight potential is definitely strong. The idea is overwhelming your opponent with tempo plays and cheap removal, while Armanic and Rune Master provide a steady card supply. Armanic Warriors with their big bodies and the repeated use of Double Agent are also supposed to close the lid.

Current experience:
We've had 2 days since the patch, so everybody is still experimenting. I'm currently at 12 wins to 2 losses (both losses were against cacukuke within the tournament, all victories either in private matches vs. players from this board or on ladder). Out of the 8 wins I faced 5 Dominion, 2 Nether and 3 Bearclaw. The closest victory was against Bearclaw where I won by domination 1 turn before he could capture my base. The easiest victory was against a pure-Vril deck.

Summarized (updated):
vs Dominion: 5-0 (class mirror)
vs Nether: 2-0
vs Primal: 4-2
Note that most games were made on the upper adeptus ladder and might not represent Cabalist gameplay.

Strengths of this deck:
As indicated above this deck features a lot of medium damage removal which makes it good against decks that use a lot of medium power units like Zahir, or Osiris. Especially other Dominion decks felt like very easy matchups.

While I initially anticipated Primal to not be that much of an issue cacukuke proved me wrong: Toughness and Feral Shaman really take the steam out of this decks sails, so does Frost which hinders Zeppelin, Mechanic or Vril Field Generator to make use of their 2 tile range.
Note that during my 1st victory vs primal my opponent used neither Bog, nor Fionog and in my 2nd my opponent used neither Fionog, nor Banshee, nor Bog Candle (in my eyes these cards are too powerful to skip), yet both games were close (both won by domination).

Card changes + impressions:
- Doppelganger: has proven to be useless in most situations, in my eyes the nerfs that came with his text change were unneeded. He seems solid on paper, but during gameplay it's a lot more difficult to gain value out of him as in theory.

- Champion: If tried this guy in earlier iterations of my deck yesterday which I did not include here. I personally prefer Armanic Warrior due to the added card draw - and sheer power has proven to be as useless as in the old meta, especially vs primal has too much cheap, inbuild shutdown for allowing attack power to make a difference. If fact I've seen more Morenas and Bogatyrs lately which means that he's possibly even worse than before if the meta shift stays like this.

- Vril Field Generator: He's the true MVP here and more impacting than I anticipated. Even though I never get to use all 3 charges, being able to survive a single damage ping after his first use has saved him A LOT of times already within the short timespan of these changes.

- Alawite: The nerf hit hard but he's still too good to skip.

- Imposter nerf: While his ability to capture deployment tiles with Charger is still nice he's useless far too often to justify a spot in most situations.

- Contractor nerfs: Well, he's complete and utter cr4p now. The nerfs killed two decktypes where he was a part of: Aggro Zahier (combined with Alawite and Dynamo) and the traditional Frequency Transmitter Control Zahir. It's sad to see such an interesting card go. And even though damage-based CTRL Dominion (like above) seems to be solid to good deck right now, Transmitter-CTRL-Zahir was far more interesting to play in my eyes.

Updated my recent games.
So far the deck seems to be overperforming: I guess that the winrate will go down once more people get used to the changes, or start playing Danaan (which I haven't faced so far) again.
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Re: Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

Postby Fesnir » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:03 am

I agree, I think we are going to dive very very fast, key points of the fight against other cabals have changed.

We are going to have to solve all the problems again from a disadvantaged position.
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Re: Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

Postby Mip » Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:59 pm

Cacukuke has a good dominion deck. He's still using Impostors, but now for extra mobility for zeppelins and to conquer deployment tiles with underworld charger.

He's still using Assassin, but often immediately uses Industrial economics on them after ability is used.
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Re: Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

Postby Ancalagon » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:26 pm

Sounds like cacukuke has the right idea, I was trying to drop the combo altogether for a change of pace, but yellow has so few options... Going more KMV these days.

Honestly if I get some elite assassins + magicians a MR deck could be extremely viable, also skeletons + chemists are definitely a thing, I love how toughness wrecks people playing against Dominion, it's just not very expected

Lastly I am trying to make a carve the skin + blitz trooper + big dudes + escalating + I don't know, but it's not going too well
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Re: Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

Postby Sdric » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:00 am

Just a quick update:
Now that people figured out the changes and the decklists for other classes are more refined (and people started to realize that Danaan remains potentially the best Cabal even after the nerfs) - winrates have gotten down the drain, like anticipated.
The nerfs to both Dominion and Contractor have become very noticeable.

Now dominion performance seems to reflected in the lastest tournament quarterfinals: They're out of the game.

I would say "maybe the new cards change it", but considering that Zahir gets an unusable random discard pile of tr4sh I'm really discouraged...
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Re: Post Patch Dominion, what's your approach?

Postby Nebiros » Thu May 04, 2017 2:17 am

Miguel Rosenau. 30 cards.

3x Vril Mutant
2x Bramin Engeneer
3x Zeppelin
2x Arman Runemaster
2x Industrial Economics
1x Underworld Charger
2x Awakening Barbarosa
3x Mechanic
3x Scull Machine
3x Alawite Adept
2x Magician
1x Clone
1x Assasin
1x Jeweled Idol
2x Carve the Skin

You can add Bloodseekers to Mutant-Bloodseeker combo
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