Starters re-mastered

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Starters re-mastered

Postby Kicek » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:30 am

Hi Folks!

Inspired a little bit with Polemon TCG ( ;) ) I've been thinking about a new decktype similar to what we have in the starter decks.
Basically, the current starters are not too playable/competitive, focusing mostly on showing the new players different cards and abilities. I'd like to see them with more of a strategic approach though.

I have checked the content of the starter decks. All 4 'classic ones' are built using the same rules: 2 rares, 4 uncommons and 24 commons (20 cards from the main cabal and 10 from the other one from same cabal).
Nether starters came later and are avaliable only as an purchase, so they are a little different (Osiris has 3 rares and 3 uncommon and Dragon has 5 uncommons and is more mono colour than other decks).

Anyway, let's stick to the 'original' format: 2/4/24 and skip the mandatory 20/10 split.
Can anyone think about a deck, that follows that rules, would be interesting to play, could be competitive against similar decks? and could be a good base for making it ladder-ready?

My first Idea (still as a WIP):
Deck name: Danann Tornado
Hero: Morgana

Warrior Maid x2

Spriggan x2
Sidh x1
Gnome hero x1

Private Detective x3
Faery Demagogue x3
Lady of Ulster x3
Thieving faeries x2
Lady of the lake x3
Decompose x3
Pigs x2
Vasilisa's doll x2
Bone Guard x2
Diplomat x1

Thoughts/ideas are welocmed! :)
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Re: Starters re-mastered

Postby Effe » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:27 am

Seems like you've read my mind as I thought too starter decks can be rearranged. Also, due to upcoming changes in game, it would be necessary to change them, not only to make them more competitive, but even more interesting.

My thoughts about the question are
1. making monocoloured decks would be interesting as it would probably orientate people to get a deeper understanding of the cabal they're playing
2. more competitive decks can be sold for higher price

I'll add some Zahir/Vril recipes later

P.S. I like the Pokemon inspiration
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Re: Starters re-mastered

Postby Mip » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:20 pm

I'm not sure if you should give them the same rare twice. Sure, it might weaken the theme/power of the deck, but I think they shoud see maybe 2 different rares.
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Re: Starters re-mastered

Postby Mip » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:45 pm

For Bearclaw:


2x rare
1x Bogatyr
1x Underworld Stroke

4x uncommon
1x Psychic Lapse
2x Bog Candle
1x Bear Spirit

24x common
3x swarming louise
3x Novgorodian Nobleman
2x Devoted Bureaucrat
1x Underworld Spy
2x Rusalka
3x Vasilisa's doll
2x Lady of the Lake
1x decompose
3x diplomat
2x Bone Guard
1x Harbinger of Doom
1x Revenant
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Re: Starters re-mastered

Postby Sdric » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:06 pm

It doesn't completely follow the rules for class distribution (10 for the 2ndary Cabal) but used more neutrals instead which can be used for other Cabals as well.

For Dragon:


1x Blazing Dragon
1x High Priest

2x Lesser Yaomo
2x Baku

2x Young Visionary
2x Healer
2x Master of Blades
3x Enlightened Torturer
3x Yellow Sea Smuggler
2x Descending Clouds

2x Orderly
1x Eldritch Horror
2x Sandstorm

3x Bone Guard
2x Harbinger of Doom
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