Online Match: Askew

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Online Match: Askew

Postby Qvaak » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:22 am

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:ti: :r1: :ti: :ti: :ti:
:em: :ti: :ti: :r1: :ti:
:em: :r1: :de: :ti: :r1:
:em: :ti: :ti: :pl: :ti:
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Re: Online Match: Askew

Postby Kicek » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:38 am

The worst battleground EVER! (IMO). Totally unbalanced.

(The player who goes first plays always as blue in this picture ^. )

Now, if you're first and you have a crappy hand, you are screwed - the other player has a resource tile just next to his stronghold.. Which you don't..

OTOH, if you play as second, you:
1) start with 3 resources instead of 2 and 1 more card (the usual 2nd player's profit)
2) have a better access to resources
3) your resource tile is secured better because it's next to the stronghold
4) your stronghold is secured better - if oponent catches your deployment tile, they have only 1 side to attack your home.
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