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[War of Cabals] Dragon Serenity

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:44 am
by joukosalminen

Vril Society had their shot at domination and it is yet unclear on how successful they were. Some territories were gained while some bad decisions led to downfalls in other areas. Sometimes it even seemed that the very natural forces were against their plans of conquest.

The perceptive eyes of the leadership of the Dragon Enclave were not idle during all this. They saw what the Society was planning and, just maybe, were inspired by it a little bit. But it does not do to repeat the mistakes of the past, not even if they are someone else’s.

Adapting their strategies to improve on the Vril Society’s effort, the Dragon Enclave begins their push in Dragon Serenity. All will bow before the might of the dragons!

The leaderboards will reset next week, on the 8th of January at the normal time, 00:00 PDT. Then the top 20 Neophytes will get 100 Influence, the top 15 Adepti 200 Influence and the top 10 Cabalists 300 Influence. The new players of that week, the New Stars will get 100 Influence and a random card from the sponsors of this month, the Dragon Enclave.

Join the War of Cabals and command the dragons!

[War of Cabals] Dragon Serenity Week 1 Results

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:20 am
by joukosalminen

The first week has seen a lot of engagements being fought and there have been sightings of some true heroics by the players, the best of whom can be seen in the photo above. The dragon is fierce and unyielding, but so is the will of the other cabals that oppose the Enclave!

Sometimes the Enclave can be its own worst enemy. Such was the case on one morning when internal strife and disagreements led to a bloody fight between two Enclave forces. Commander kabooom’s troops led by Elder Zhang Guo took on an opposing force under Master yu Ming’s banner.

The sparking incident seemed enough innocent at first and might have stayed that way if not for the involvement of a Double Agent from the Order of Zahir who happened upon the event in progress and managed to turn the two Enclave forces against each other. Or it might have been a Vril Society Doppelganger masquerading as a Double Agent. Who knows, the fact is that the disagreement grew rapidly and soon the entirety of both armies were at each other’s throats.

Dragon on dragon, Diplomats and Bakus against Rakshasas and Healers. The two army commanders might have tried to de-escalate the situation but the scent of blood was in the air and long buried resentments could not be held back indefinitely.

As kabooom’s forces fought their former allies an Unstable Dynamo suddenly unstabilized even further and exploded, luckily taking with it an Illusionary Dragon and an Eldritch Horror nearby. Nearer to both commanders the forces entrusted with bodyguard duties struggled to keep their leaders safe. As casualties began to mount Master yu Ming was forced to give ground, just a bit at first but it didn’t end there. Sensing an opening, the Elder capitalized on the situation and sought to end the perhaps needless fight quickly with overwhelming force. A domineering last advance was taken by the Elder’s forces and the opposing side folded like a deck of cards.

The army of kabooom marched on, having sated their bloodlust for the moment and hopefully having learned something from the battle.

Next week, on the 15th of January at 00:00 PDT the reset will happen as normal. The 20 best Neophytes, the top 15 Adepti and the 10 most successful Cabalists will be rewarded with 100, 200 and 300 Influence, respectively. The top 10 New Stars, those who have just drawn their first blood on the battlegrounds will get 100 Influence. Also, the Dragon Enclave supports the best players with a random common card from their arsenal.

What is your opinion on the Enclave? Like it or not, there is no staying neutral in this fight so join in and earn glory and rewards!

[War of Cabals] Dragon Serenity Week 2 Results

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:21 am
by joukosalminen
Clever tactics have been utilized to great effect by the Dragon Enclave in their operations. The other cabals are struggling to keep up, but there is the saying that necessity breeds innovation.

While the Enclave has been busy executing their plans, their opposition has not been idle. Many different forces have responded to the aggression, sometimes gaining advantage and sometimes not. With many commanders vying to prove themselves, there are some who don’t mind trampling over their allies to gain prestige.

Such a case occurred when the successful player Momentum’s Miguel Rosenau-led army took advantage of a fellow Dominion force. Perhaps having lost only recently and still gaining their strength back, Franz Tausend had led his army to rest near a stream. While they were in the process of raising tents and organizing the camp the numerically inferior Rosenau’s army rushed them with their metaphorical pants down. A brief altercation ensued, in which the attacker caused mayhem among Tausend’s troops, felling an Antediluvian Giant and destroying a Golem. A Living Void or two later the encamped force was in disarray and chaos took hold. Their fighting morale lost they began to flee as fast as they could. Rosenau’s elite troops took this change to cause some additional casualties before they themselves retreated, their mission done.

The losing side ran and left most of their supplies behind, only further helping the victors’ efforts. Not really something Franz Tausend appreciated, but he had more important things in his mind, mainly regrouping and living to fight another day.

Next week on the 22th of January at 00:00 PDT the leaderboards will reset as normal. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards the best players can expect:

- The top 20 Neophytes will get 100 Influence and the Community voted card from the Dragon Enclave
- The top 15 Adepti will get 200 Influence and the Community voted card from the Dragon Enclave
- The top 10 Cabalists will get 300 Influence and the Community voted card from the Dragon Enclave
- The top 10 New Stars will get 100 Influence and the Community voted card from the Dragon Enclave

To vote for the reward card visit this thread:


Fight in the War of Cabals to win!