Cabals 4.0 released!

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Cabals 4.0 released!

Postby dougsymon » Fri May 01, 2015 10:18 am


Peace Talks are over! It is officially time to rise up and defend the honour of your cabals, in a new kind of war!

Insurgence Wars brings cabals head to head, new cards and new leaderboard rewards. The leaderboard is now split into three to give rewards to players of all levels. At the top are the Cabalists, who had a rating of over 1800 at the previous reset. In between are the Adepti, who gained a rating of 1500 or more in the previous week. Everyone below battle it out as Neophytes. That’s not all though. Cabals 4.0 brings much, much more, including:

  • 3 NEW Heroes
  • NEW CARDS FOR EVERY CABAL (during Insurgence Wars)
  • Neutral units and devices
  • Quests to earn Influence and cards
  • Friend list and online chat (secret messages disappear when offline)
  • Simple friend challenge (no longer requires entering a code, simply add to your friend list and challenge them when you’re both online)
  • Player profiles with added statistics
  • Everyplay for Android

There are other improvements and bug fixes but we are sure you’re most excited about the new cards being added to the cabals. During Insurgence Wars at least 5 NEW cards will be added to each cabal! Join Insurgence Wars today to win amazing rewards, recruit for your cabal and decide once and for all, which is the best cabal?!

Join your fellow players on IRC for general chat and friendly matches:
Thread with more information about IRC channel

DM me if you'd like a game of Cabals!
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