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What is Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards?

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is an exciting online trading card game available on iOS, Android and Steam.

What makes Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards unique?

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards re-invents TCGs by combining them with a game board. This makes positioning and controlling the board an important part of the game, and allows us to keep the mechanics simple and easy to pick up, while offering deep and rewarding gameplay.

Additionally, the game is set to a unique world that draws heavily from real esoteric and mystical traditions, and is visualized by stunning paintings created specifically for each individual card.

Stay tuned for more details and new announcements about other unique game features.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is free to download and play.

How do you guys make money, then?

You can buy in-game currency to expand your card collection faster through heroes, starter decks and booster packs

Who is developing Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards?

The game is being developed by a Finnish game studio Kyy Games.

We are a small, independent game developer founded in May 2009. Before Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards, we have created two original iPhone and iPad titles of our own (Legends of Elendria: The Frozen Maiden and Cooties) and several games for other publishers. These projects have allowed us to polish our skills for our long-term goal: developing and publishing Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards.

Why an online TCG?

Because we feel that touchscreen devices and online gameplay are a perfect match for trading card games. The smart devices allow you to find opponents to play anywhere and at any time, and they are also much more transportable than huge card collections. Also, not having to deal with printing, storing and distributing physical cards keeps the costs down.

TCGs are also our personal passion. The CEO and co-founder of Kyy Games, Mika Rosendahl, is a former Magic: the Gathering national champion and a Pro Tour player, and the rest of the team are avid card and board game fans.

What does the free download include?

With the free download you get the full game with a full set of features, including your own account with a unique username, the free online multiplayer, single-player mode, and all the upcoming updates.

In addition, when you create a new account, you get a starter set and some currency to buy extra cards to get you started. The value of this set is about $6 - not bad for a free game!

Is Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards the same on all platforms?

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards is available for iOS, Android and Windows and Mac OS X via Steam. The Steam version was released for Early Access in February 2018.

It's also a full cross-platform title, so someone playing online on iPad can end up playing against someone playing online on Android.

Is my account tied to a specific device?

No. You can access your account and decks and play on any device using your own account name and password.

What are the different cabals like?

The first release of Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards included four different cabals to play.

Order of Zahir relies on the esoteric art of alchemy. They are masters over both mind and matter, and strike at their enemies with strange poisons and animated creations. Their goal is domination over everything.

Vril Society combines strange Vril energy to the latest technological discoveries for powerful and unusual results. They may lack in subtlety, but they more than make up for it in overpowering force and ruthlessness.

Danann Covenant have summoned the forgotten Sidhe to their side, and combined the ancient faery tricks with their own magickal talents. You can never know quite what to expect from Danann Covenant - which is exactly how they prefer it.

Bearclaw Brotherhood is built upon the powers of the old shamans and the command they have over the land, spirits and people of Mother Russia. They may be slow to rouse, but their full might is terrifying beyond comparison.

In 2012 we saw the first major expansion of Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards that brought two new cabals to the table.

Dragon Enclave brings together the nobility and brutal dragon spirit of Eastern Asia in a way that will challenge even the strongest and most organised cabals. Under the leadership of Elder Zhang Guo they have the resources to disrupt, surprise and breakdown the opponent's strategy.

Sons of Osiris takes the riches and ruthlessness from the shores of Northern Africa to allow for combinations of a deadly kind. Reaching out to ancient knowledge, astronomy and the unimaginable their strength lies in never being left empty handed.

How can I combine different cabals?

It's often useful to combine the talents of different alliances in a single deck for interesting and powerful card combinations.

Order of Zahir and Vril Society together form the Dominion alliance that strives to control everything, nature and humankind alike. They can be used together.

Danann Covenant and Bearclaw Brotherhood form the Primal alliance that above anything believes in the power of unfettered nature. They can be used together.

Dragon Enclave and Sons of Osiris form the Nether alliance that brings together a depth of knowhow to surprise, outnumber and defeat the best. They can be used together.

You keep calling Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards a trading card game. What does that mean?

Trading card games are a unique game concept where each player has their own collection of cards that they use to put together a unique deck. The players use these decks to play against each other. For more details, see our introduction to trading card games and online trading card games here.

Okay, I like the sound of this. How can I play the game?

Click here to go the download page. Cabals is Free-to-play.

How do I get more cards?

The simplest and fastest way to get more cards is to access Cabals shop from the main menu. In the shop, you can buy Influence and then use the Influence to buy heroes, booster packs and starter decks.

You can also gain cards by playing the game, allowing you to expand your collection gradually. Whenever you level up you receive a free card and have the option to unlock more.

How do I build or modify a deck?

Once you have created an account, you can find Deck Editor from the game main menu.

Your deck must include a minimum of 30 cards, and one Hero. Your Hero determines, which cabals are available to you when building the deck.

To add a card into your deck, simply double tap on the card or drag it to your deck. After you are happy with your deck, press the arrow on top left corner and save the deck. The deck can be saved with less than 30 cards but it will not be possible to battle with the deck. Such decks will show up in red in your deck list.

Are there any cardlists available?

The latest cards can be viewed here

How do I win the game?

There are two ways to win in Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards. You can either storm your opponent's stronghold by moving your unit on top of it, or collect 60 Domination Points. Domination Points are gained by controlling special locations on the game board and from different special abilities.

The first player to reach one of these victory conditions wins the game immediately.

What is the 'Username" and how to change it?

Username identifies you in Ranked Matches (initially 'Player123448509' etc.). To change it, go to (Main menu -> Options), click on 'Username', type in the name you want to use, and click 'Save'

I cannot login to my account, please help!

Usually login problems can be solved by resetting your password. Simply enter the e-mail address linked to the account and then 'Change Password'. You will then receive an e-mail and be able to follow the link to enter a new password. Should this not solve your problem please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note it is not possible to recover your account should it not have a valid e-mail address linked.

Why didn't I receive rating for winning an Online Match?

Rating is always received when playing an online opponent that is another Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards player. You will not however receive rating when playing an Online AI opponent. To ensure you play other Cabals Community members unselect the option 'Online match AI opponent' in Options (Main menu -> Options).

What is the 'War of Cabals'?

The War of Cabals is our themed monthly tournament that involves the leaderboard being reset each week. The Top 10 new players win prizes as do the highest ranked players. This offers another way to gain cards and Influence.

How can I differentiate between common, uncommon and rare cards?

The card text is the key! Common has grey text, green is uncommon, and rare is blue!

The art in Cabals rocks, who is the artist?

The artist is Jarno Kantelinen. To find out more why not read our interview with Jarno.

Who composed the Cabals music?

The composer is Paavo Härkönen.

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"Look! It is carved from a smaragd that fell from the crown of Lucifer when he was cast out of the heavens." -Azab the Luminous

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