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This series of notes aims to throw a little light on the origins of Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards. Would some of you, our dear players, happen to get curious and want to know a bit more about the backgrounds of some of the cards or the Kyy working processes and influences: here is a brief look into the makings of the game. We will continue to update these notes as we develop the game onwards. We hope that these sketches will also inspire you to throw even more ideas into the cauldron: comments on the balance, cards, deck building, strategies and especially new card ideas.

Coming up are some fragments about how we ended up making a game like this. But since you are probably not that interested in the personal histories of some of the Kyy staff, in their lives as young nerds with unhealthy indoor hobbies - and of course, without girlfriends, we will open the files with setting one arbitrarily selected card in context.


Card Spotlight

Carve the Skin

"Of course being a statue has its sides. It all depends on the way you look at it." -Jose Osorio de Cadiz

The Archives

The Archives sheds some developer insight on how specific cards were designed. Read more.